Localise West Midlands

Who we are

Localise West Midlands  promotes local supply chains, money flow, ownership and decision-making for a more just and sustainable economy. We are a thinktank, campaign group and consultancy.

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What we do

See our Timeline for a picture of we have done over the last ten years alongside what’s been happening in the world around us. Or our Activities page for links to different LWM projects & activities. Our Consultancy page outlines how we can help others to maximise their local benefit and their sustainability. The LWM blog, our Policies and our Publications pages give an idea of our thinking and principles.

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Major LWM Themes

Mainstreaming Community Economic Development – researching how localisation approaches deliver inclusion, redistribution and local diversity benefits, and how these benefits can be maximised in how we deliver mainstream economic development Energy – producing it, saving it and owning it locally: – working on energy efficiency retrofitting and community energy – including the original business plan for Birmingham Energy Savers. Browse our news thread and archive or activities for other news items.